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Can I add personalization if I forgot to add it when placing the order?

We cannot add personalization to any order once it has been submitted. Please contact customer service immediately to cancel your order. Once cancelled, a refund will be provided and that will allow you to place another order with the personalization

There is some bruising / indentation around the embroidery on my product, will this fade?

Yes, this will fade within 72 hours and is a temporary effect from the clamp used within the process of embroidering on the product. We will send your order to you as soon as it is ready, so most bruising will disappear by the time you receive your p

Can I personalize an item that does not have the personalize option?

Please view our Personalization page for available items that can be monogrammed or embroidered. A "Personalize" option will be available above the "Add to Cart" when viewing our product.